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Vizinex RFID Introduces Extra-Long Read Range RFID Tag

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance RFID tags tailored to specific applications, recently introduced the next generation of its long read range tag, the XLR. The XLR has an extra-long read range of 100+ feet on metal surfaces and is designed for long life in outdoor and industrial environments.

The USA-made XLR tag uses the latest generation RFID chip and is the smallest passive tag on the market (5.28 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches) with a read range in excess of 100 feet.  The sleek, compact XLR is engineered with extremely rugged packaging and is designed for applications requiring long-range asset identification, such as in construction, yard and cargo management and vehicle and container tracking.

The XLR’s works best when mounted on metal, but has an excellent read range on virtually any surface. The tag can withstand vibration, weather elements, road salt, harsh cleaning chemistries  and other environmental challenges for extended periods. The XLR provides excellent response in both the US and ETSI frequency bands, so it can be used to tag assets all over the world.

“The cost-effective XLR tags are designed for accurate and efficient tracking of objects that an RFID reader can’t get too close to, such as cargo containers, large vehicles and construction equipment,” says Ken Horton, Co-Founder and CEO, Vizinex RFID. “The XLR tags can be read when an object is stationary or moving. We designed the XLR for military asset tracking, yard/fleet management and cargo, container and pallet tracking.”

For more information about the XLR tag, contact Vizinex at or visit

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