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RFID Tag Finder

Search highly-configurable, off-the-shelf RFID tags that serve a wide range of asset tracking and performance needs. Designed and manufactured in the USA and completely tariff-free.

Find the right RFID tag for your needs using the table below. Filter your search by use case and industry. Need something more exact? Vizinex can deliver a custom RFID tag solution that meets all your asset tracking specifications.

Tag Name Tag Mount Read Range Dimensions Special Features
Sentry Instrument Tags
Metal See page for read ranges See page for tag dimensions Remarkably small footprint, low ergonomic impact, for tracking tools, instruments and metrology equipment
Flexible 6027
Multi-surface Up to 4 Meters 2.36” x 1.06” x 0.04” Multi-surface compatibility, on site printable
Flexible 6012
Metal Up to 2 Meters 2.36” x 0.47” x 0.03” Small footprint, good on metal performance, on site printable
Economy Metal 3814
Metal 5 meters on metal, 1.5 meters off 1.48’’ ×0.54’’×0.18’’ Multiple attachment options, low cost
Outdoor Pallet 10326
Non-metal 6 Meters 4.06” x 1.02” x 0.29” Excellent environmental tolerance for indoor and outdoor use on pallets and RTI's
Sentry Shortie
Metal 12-13.5 Feet 1.03” x 0.43” x 0.11” High performance acrylic adhesive
Indoor Pallet 10325
Non-metal 5.5 Meters 4.1” x 1” x 0.3” Durable but inexpensive tag for indoor use
Sentry Cable
Metal 18-20 Feet 1.43” x 0.43” x 0.11” Incomparable performance for tagging insulated metal
Sentry Slim
Metal 19-21 Feet 1.43” x 0.43”x 0.11” 20' of read range from a very modest footprint of 0.6 in²
Sentry 2505
Metal 10-12 Feet 0.98" x 0.21"x 0.093" Very small footprint with excellent read range and a very aggressive price
Sentry Duo
Multi-surface On Metal: 14-16 Feet | On Plastic: 11-13 Feet 1.43” x 0.43” x 0.11” Multi-surface responsiveness for tagging virtually any asset
Sentry 2607
Metal 5-7 Feet 1.02” x 0.28”x 0.06” Low profile and modest length
Sentry 1005
Metal 7-9 Feet .39” x .20” x .12” Comparable performance to ceramic tags - much less expensive
Sentry 06D
Metal 4-5 Feet 0.24” x 0.14” Tiny footprint, less than 0.05 in² with excellent read range
Sentry 4607
Metal 12-14 Feet 1.8” x .28” x .07” Low profile without sacrificing read range
Sentry MidRange
Metal 33 Feet 1.52″ x 0.67″ x 0.22″ (bare tag) | 2.50″ x 0.69″ x 0.25″ (with cover) Tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact
Multi-surface 15 Feet 2.76” x .68” x .072” Multi-surface, Low cost for indoor environments
Multi-surface 65 – 100 Feet 5.28” x 1.7” x 0.5” Multi-surface tag for rugged conditions where very long read range is needed