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Industry Applications

Vizinex delivers specialized RFID tags, systems and solutions for industries in which accurate, efficient asset tracking is mission-critical.

We know the challenges involved in tracking assets in demanding environments and are staffed with experienced leaders in manufacturing, quality and product development to create tough, accurate and high-performing RFID solutions. We investigate and understand our clients’ needs to optimize solutions and deliver cost-effective services of their own. No matter the use case, our proven development methods and patented manufacturing processes can create new efficiencies, save money and help organizations improve tracking, security and authentication.

RFID Tracking for Rental Assets
Rental Assets

For firms that rent high-value items to their customers, accurate renter and item identification are essential. An RFID asset tracking system from Vizinex can provide an excellent ROI for rental equipment companies, by reducing errors, speeding throughput and eliminating labor costs.

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Weapons Tracking

High-performing low-profile tags from Vizinex RFID are equipped to meet the exacting read ranges and limited footprint requirements of small weapons and other military assets. These tags hold up in the face of extreme environments that destroy ordinary equipment.

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RFID for Weapons and Military
Oil and Gas

There are many moving parts to the oil and gas business, which may result in costly errors. Fortunately, Vizinex RFID for oil field asset tracking allows drilling firms to significantly streamline workflows, provide a safer environment for personnel and minimize the chances that a manual error will result in site downtime.

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Asset Management

Improve supply chain management with RFID technology and receive automatic, cost-effective tracking of returnable shipping containers. Vizinex RFID tags applied to pallets, racks, totes, and drums provide users with easily accessible shipping information, accurately and on-demand.

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RFID Tracking for the Healthcare Industry

Vizinex RFID technology for autoclaved medical devices permits highly efficient, accurate tracking solutions to those tasked with monitoring material sterilization –facilitating both operational efficiency and patient safety.

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Yards Management

Yards can be huge and assets expensive. A modern yard management or warehouse management system (WMS) paired with Vizinex RFID technology can increase labor productivity, cut wait times, reduce waste, and minimize the non-value-added activities associated with the movement of large assets.

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RFID for Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Tracking medical devices requires a significant amount of care and accuracy. Patient safety and regulatory compliance depend on it. Embedding Vizinex RFID technology directly into medical devices allows health care providers to easily gather the accurate, real-time data critical for medical procedures.

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Data Centers

Data centers are constantly advancing, which makes for difficult tracking of their assets. With Vizinex RFID technology, IT staffers and data center managers can reduce the time and effort needed for auditing procedures and IT asset management, while simultaneously enhancing security and growth potential.

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RFID Tracking for Data Centers

In the chaos of a constantly moving industrial environment, it can be easy to lose high-value assets. Fortunately, Vizinex RFID technology provides real-time data on the location and lifecycle of high-value assets within industrial environments, essentially eliminating the bottlenecks associated with lost materials search.

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There is no room for error in the highly controlled aerospace industry. Automated aerospace asset tracking, using Vizinex RFID technology, significantly reduces the time, labor, and human error associated with manual tracking processes –all of which are critical to the meticulous nature of the industry.

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