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RFID Tags for Asset Tracking & Management

Get RFID tag design, rapid product development & low volume fulfillment. All in 6-8 weeks. Made in the U.S. for medical device, data center, weapons, yard management and other asset tracking needs.

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Custom RFID Tags

Don't settle for "almost right." Get EXACTLY the RFID tag your asset tracking application requires. Our U.S.-based RFID engineering & manufacturing teams specialize in rapid product development and low volume fulfillment for custom RFID solutions. All in 6-8 weeks, at a cost most RFID manufacturers will not match.

Speed inventory, cut error rate with the right RFID tag and read range.

Real-time location information based on your business rules and workflows.


Off-the-Shelf RFID Tags

Get configurable, off-the-shelf RFID tags built specifically for medical devices (including autoclave sterilization), data center assets, cables, weapons tracking, oil wells and embedded applications. If your asset requires a more EXACT design, we will produce a working prototype in weeks right here in the US.

Reliable RFID asset tracking in extreme environments.

RFID Applications

RFID Applications & Industries

Tackle RFID asset tracking and asset management challenges anywhere on Earth. Get passive RFID tags designed to survive your EXACT conditions. Vizinex RFID tags utilize hardened construction, materials and chip & antenna bonds to endure any environment, from data centers to the extremes of autoclaves and oil wells.

Track assets with RFID anywhere on Earth