RFID Tags for Challenging Applications

Vizinex builds RFID tags the way you imagined for places and applications you never imagined. Durable, accurate, reliable and right-priced, no matter the asset or the environment.

Custom RFID Solutions

Custom RFID Tag Solutions

Need a specialized RFID tag solution? Our R&D team excels at engineering, developing and producing custom RFID systems to meet strict requirements and deadlines. Vizinex combines unique domain expertise, flexible, U.S.-based manufacturing and a focus on personal service to help you to deploy a radio frequency asset tracking system that's right for you.

Speed inventory, cut error rate with the right tag and read range.

Real-time location information based on your business rules and workflows.

Find the Right Tag for You

RFID Applications

Industry professionals, systems integrators and manufacturers deploy Vizinex RFID tags to meet asset management challenges in every environment. From medium-duty applications to the extremes of oil wells and autoclaves, we have a solution that fits. No matter the use case, our passive RFID tags can handle it.

Speed inventory, cut error rate with the right tag and read range.

Custom RFID Solutions

Application Ready Tags

Need rugged, stable RFID fast? We offer tags for near-immediate delivery that suite a wide range of applications. And all of our products are engineered with durability and reliability in mind to provide years of accurate readings for their intended application.

Reliable life-cycle tracking in extreme environments.