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Sentry Upgrade for Autoclave Service

Upgrade Your Tag for High Temperature Exposure

A unique feature of Vizinex’s Sentry product line is that we can upgrade any of the tags to tolerate repeated use in high temperature environments, like autoclave sterilization, food processing, high temperature cleaning or industrial processes like painting and plating. Any tag in the Sentry line can tolerate repeated exposures to high temperatures.

These tags are built to reliably tolerate over a thousand high temperature cycles with temperatures up to 365° F (185° C). This upgrade is inexpensive, does not change any dimensional or RF performance attributes of the tags and is invisible to the user. Customers can have this feature in the smallest Sentry tags, like the 06D and the 2802, and on the largest Sentry tag, the Midrange, which achieves a read range of 12’. Using Sentry tags with the Autoclave upgrade, you can track the smallest instruments up to the largest containers through processes that include high temperature cycles.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent read range to footprint performance
  • High performance, autoclave tested acrylic adhesive on the larger tags
  • High temperature labels for tags requiring barcodes or other printing
  • No increase in lead time for upgraded tags

Sentry Slim III with the Autoclave Upgrade

The most commonly used tag for tracking items through autoclave cycles is our Sentry Slim with the Autoclave upgrade. When mounted on metal, this tag provides an excellent read range of up to 22’ in a small footprint of only 0.6 in2².

It can be used for tracking high value medical, laboratory and veterinary assets, or trays of assets that need to undergo autoclave sterilization processes. In addition to high temperature sterilization, the tag is compatible with ethyleneoxide, chlorine-dioxide and peracetic acid sterilization processes. The tag is provided with a ‘peel-and-stick adhesive’ that keeps the tags firmly in place despite exposure to harsh conditions. The tags also come with a label that tolerates high temperatures and remains legible even after many exposures to autoclave cycles.

About the Autoclave Update

Vizinex has developed enhancements to the Sentry tags to that reduce the vulnerability of the tags to the stresses of repeated thermal cycles. We’ve conducted internal testing to refine, tune and validate this enhancement process so that these tags can reliably tolerate over a thousand high temperature cycles like those used to sterilize instruments in an autoclave. This upgrade can be added to tags for a small additional cost, and with no lead time penalty. Vizinex has supplied millions of temperature tolerant tags to a wide range of medical and industrial customers.

To order your Vizinex autoclave upgrade or for more information about Vizinex RFID, contact us at or call (215) 529-9440.

  • Healthcare 
  • Food processing 
  • Veterinary 
  • Manufacturing
  • Tracking surgical or dental instruments and other medical devices through sterilization
  • Managing food processing containers and their contents
  • Workpiece tracking through paint and enameling processes
Sentry Tags That Can Be Upgraded for High Temperature Exposure
Autoclave tag chart