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Flexible 6027

Dimensions: 2.36” x 1.06” x 0.04”

Tag overview

Product Number: CST1-197-0001

The 6027 Flexible tag is a low cost, printable RFID tag for indoor, multi-surface asset tracking applications.

The 6027 Flexible tag is ideal for tracking assets with flat or curved surfaces including IT devices, office equipment, medical devices, machinery and other valuable assets. The tag’s multi-surface capability and flexibility allow users to track critical equipment in challenging indoor environments like data centers, warehouses, factories, hospitals or offices.

The 6027 Flexible tag can be printed and encoded at Vizinex or on demand using RFID enabled printers. It is easy to attach with peel and stick adhesive. Its flexibility and tolerance of spills and impacts make it a reliable partner for your asset tracking software.

Industries & Applications

Industries Using the 6027 Flexible
  • IT/Networking
  • Government
  • Healthcare
Sample 6027 Flexible Applications
  • Tools
  • Office Assets
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Hospital Assets

Features & Benefits

  • Delivered with robust adhesive for easy application on flat or curved surfaces
  • Excellent RF performance on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Durable construction, IP67 rated
  • Customized pre-printing artwork available
  • Printable on-demand with RFID enabled printers

6012 Flexible Specifications

  • Dimensions: 60mm x 27mm x 1mm (2.36” x 1.06” x 0.04”)
  • Use case: Multi-surface, flexible
  • Attachment: Adhesive (flat or curved surfaces w/ ≥65mm radius)
  • Weight: 0.96 Grams
  • Read Range: On Metal: Up to 4 Meters (Up to 13 Feet) / On Plastic: Up to 2 Meters (6.5 Feet)
  • Frequency: 902-928 MHz
  • IC Platform: Impinj Monza R6; Impinj Monza R6-P
  • IC Memory: EPC up to 128 bits, 48-bit TID and up to 32 bits of user memory
  • Classification: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -25° C to 50° C (-13° F to 122° F)
  • Temperature Tolerance: -25° C to 50° C (-13° F to 122° F)
Part Number
  • CST1-197-0001

Vizinex’s Flexible Series Tags

Vizinex RFID’s Flexible series tags offer high quality asset tracking performance at a reasonable cost. They deliver excellent RF performance with modest footprints at an excellent price. The tags can be printed and encoded at Vizinex or by the customer on site. These tags are an excellent partner for any RFID enabled asset tracking and management system used in an indoor setting.