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RFID for Medical Devices

Few products must be more carefully tracked than medical devices and medical instruments. For both patient safety and regulatory compliance, it is essential that every device used at a hospital or practice – instruments, implants and more – be accounted for, with up-to-date usage, lifecycle and identification data readily available.

After all, in a medical environment, a single miscount, mislaid item or misidentification can result in a significant amount of wasted time, lost revenue … or much worse. That’s why today’s innovative manufacturers are embedding Vizinex RFID technology directly within their medical devices, increasing value to end users by allowing them to easily and cost-effectively gather accurate, real-time data on their medical devices and instruments.

Why RFID Medical Device Lifecycle Management?

By integrating Vizinex RFID technology into product design, device manufacturers can help health care providers ensure that:

  • Lost and misplaced devices don’t unnecessarily increase costs, eat into discretionary budgets or result in staff hoarding
  • Sunset devices or instruments are never accidentally put into use
  • Mission-critical initiatives – like infection control and sterilization – proceed efficiently

Using Vizinex RFID technology for medical device lifecycle management results in reduced costs, increased efficiency, improved risk management and better quality of care.

Integrating or affixing devices with Vizinex RFID tags essentially creates onboard tracking systems. RFID readers can then be installed throughout the health care facility, strategically located to capture the last known location of as many devices as possible. When someone needs a particular device or instrument, finding it is as easy as interacting with a piece of software, then walking to its pinpointed location.

Similarly, better inventory control on consumables – knee joint replacement kits, for instance – ultimately provides device manufacturers with improved usage data, helping them manage pricing, production and product roadmaps.

Considering RFID for tracking your medical devices? Contact Vizinex RFID today.