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ViziCore™ Technology

Embedded RFID Technology

ViziCore™ technology provides a low-cost, low-risk method for OEMs and manufacturers to embed RFID functionality directly into their products.

In today’s increasingly connected world, it’s not enough to utilize aftermarket solutions to make products “smart.” Instead, markets demand that manufacturers provide goods that offer intelligence and connectivity out of the box.

With ViziCore™ embedded RFID technology, it’s possible to do exactly that – quickly and cost-effectively, without changing the fundamental design or use case of a device. There’s simply no easier way to offer customers all the benefits of our patent-pending RFID tags – increased asset visibility, reduced inventory costs, lower shrinkage rates and complete product life-cycle management – incorporated directly into products.

What is ViziCore™ RFID technology?

ViziCore™ embedded RFID technology utilizes a patented tag construction methodology as the basis for low-cost solutions that can withstand the rigors of the manufacturing process, including injection or compression molding, enamel curing and autoclave cycles. ViziCore™ implementations are maintenance-free, last the life of the product and – because they’re passive RFID tags – require zero maintenance.

Vizinex’s team of RFID experts works closely with manufacturers to develop custom ViziCore™ solutions that can be embedded directly within products, offering a unique level of connectivity and intelligence. Our experience developing embedded technologies allows us to operate extremely efficiently and cost-effectively; we can typically create specialized RFID tags that meet the most exacting requirements in time frames that please even the most demanding customers.

Who uses ViziCore™?

Manufacturers in a number of high-tech and specialized industries have turned to Vizinex and ViziCore™ technology to economically add RFID functionality to their products.

Oil & Gas

Rubber-encapsulated ViziCore™ RFID tags withstand 1,000 hours underground, at temperatures up to 450 degrees and pressures up to 30,000 psi in drill bits, collars and borehole liners.


Large memory, autoclavable ViziCore™ RFID tags are used in surgical instruments to store configuration information, track life cycle and sterilization history.

Tire Manufacturing

ViziCore™ RFID tags provide process validation, inventory and warranty control when embedded in tires.

IT Equipment

Major OEMs are tagging products during manufacturing so customers receive RFID-ready devices, avoiding the hassle of aftermarket RFID implementations.

Reusable Containers

ViziCore™ RFID tags create significant efficiencies in the tracking of reusable containers for waste management and recycling, fluid and cargo containers, and inventory pallets and bins.

Ready to learn more bout how ViziCore™ enables our engineers to develop application-specific tags quickly and inexpensively? Contact Vizinex RFID today.