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About Vizinex

The Leading U.S. RFID Company

Vizinex RFID is the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance RFID tags that are tailored to the exact requirements of customers.

Our experience, design expertise, and flexible manufacturing process, enable Vizinex to solve difficult and differentiated RFID problems. We investigate and understand our clients’ needs to optimize solutions and deliver cost-effective custom and off-the-shelf products.

Developing Innovative RFID Solutions Since 2012

Vizinex RFID was established in 2012 to provide leading edge radio frequency identification solutions to businesses and governments. Our goal is to help our customers overcome problems associated with tracking, security, and authentication. Staffed with experienced leaders in manufacturing, quality and product development, Vizinex is an RFID company that provides complete passive RFID tag solutions based on our patented tag platform and built with standard, robust manufacturing processes.

What Makes Vizinex a Unique RFID Company?


Our engineering staff has accumulated over 20 years of experience designing and deploying RFID tags.


We ensure we understand the customer application and closely support it, both before and after the sale. Our U.S. location for development and manufacturing makes us uniquely available to our customers compared to the Chinese-based solutions provided by the majority of suppliers in the marketplace.


For standard tags, we generally have a significant stock of our standard tags on the shelf ready to meet a customer’s requirements shipping in less than a week. We are capable of developing and producing sample tags for customers in less than two weeks. New products can move from prototype approval to full production in as little as six weeks.

Lab Facilities

Our R&D facility includes an anechoic chamber, a spectrum analyzer, and custom performance analysis software.

Meet our team

The Vizinex RFID team features several leading figures in the RFID industry. Our breadth and depth of knowledge allows us to consistently serve the needs of a wide range of clients, including oil & gas drilling firms, data centers, warehouses, shipping yards and more.

Sandra Garby
Co-founder, President and VP of Operations
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Robert Oberle, Ph.D.
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
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Damian Wolfe
Engineering Manager
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Jo Clemmer
Production Manager of Tag Finishing
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Bailey Sugden
Office Manager
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