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Case Studies

Rapid Development for a Medical Device Manufacturer

Small annual production runs, a short time line and a challenging use case stopped this medical device manufacturer in its tracks—until they discovered Vizinex’s Custom RFID.

A developer and manufacturer of complex analytical devices used in the medical market was looking for an RFID tag that it could mount in a ‘consumable’ used by their instrument. The manufacturer wanted to store information about the configuration and characterization of the part when it shipped from the factory, and gather lifecycle information such as maximum temperature experienced, number of cycles in use, and maintenance procedures performed once it was deployed in the field.

They wanted the host instrument to be able to write information to the tag as well as read and display that information back to users and field technicians as needed. However, this ‘consumable’ was a metal part that is durable, has a significant life, and endures high-temperature environments. The potential information load was also dense—it would require a significant amount of memory for a passive RFID tag.

The engineers selected a new chip with the proper memory size and configuration for their intended use. They just needed a tag that fit correctly in the instrument, functioned in the environment and provided the RF performance required.

They began approaching large RFID firms in the industry to develop the right tag to house the chips, and were surprised at the response they received from these well-known vendors. When the RFID firms heard that the volumes were anticipated to be fairly low, never more than 10,000 per year, they declined to develop or build the tag.

That’s when the medical device manufacturer turned to Vizinex. In less than two weeks, and for half the cost that the firm had budgeted, Vizinex developed and delivered a prototype tag that met all the requirements of the application. In another two weeks, the customer had a beta quantity in-hand for more extensive testing of the tags in general and for use in developing the device software that would store and read the data on the tag. Finally, Vizinex quoted the customer a final production price that was well within budget at anticipated volumes.

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID.

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