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RFID Services

Vizinex RFID considers solving RFID problems and optimizing RFID deployments for its customers to be its mission.

Included in this are, of course, the design and manufacture of RFID tags that effectively solve problems associated with each unique RFID application.

But it goes beyond tags.

Vizinex has built considerable knowledge and experience in a wide variety of RFID applications. Our focus on RFID over the past six years plus substantial academic training provide us with the background needed to identify and solve many RFID problems. In instances where Vizinex does not have a specific in-house capability, we tap our extensive network of partners for assistance. Some of the services Vizinex provides.

RFID Tracking for Rental Assets
RFID Tag Design and RFID Tag Manufacture

Our core competency is the innovative design of RFID tags that optimize unique RFID applications. Among the challenges we’ve tackled are Global UHF metal mount asset tags, autoclave applications, high-reliability and durability applications and secure, tamper-evident requirements. Please tell us your RFID challenge and let us work on the problem. You’ll find that the time we spend solving RFID problems is cost-effective. Our cycle times tend to be short so you can quickly move on to the successful deployment of your RFID system.

Site Surveys

Are you wondering if the configuration or design of your reader antennas is providing optimal data collection? Are you placing RFID tags correctly? Have you selected the right tag? Customers have engaged Vizinex to help them answer these questions and make recommendations on reader antenna designs, antenna set-up and positioning, and tag and system testing.

RFID for Weapons and Military
Testing Services

The communication with the tag is the essential data link that makes the RFID deployment work, moreover it is most important that you are assured that your tag is performing in the application you are actually running. Vizinex’s testing for use can quantify the performance of this critical piece of the RFID application. We can provide quantitative data on the read range, and directionality of a tag, not in the ideal world but in the real world.

Programming Services

The successful programming of your tags is critical to the security, effectiveness and dependability of your RFID system. Our industry-leading method for tag labeling and encoding is integrated into our manufacturing process, which allows us to hold prices at low levels with minimal to no effect on lead time. From the design of your label to the security of your data files, we optimize your tags’ programming to best suit your operational needs.