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Dimensions: 2.76” x .68” x .072”

Tag overview

Part Number: AST1-082-0001

The EMX-1 is a low cost, multi-surface UHF tag built for general asset tracking in less demanding, indoor environments.

At just 0.072” thick (1.8mm), the EMX-1 RFID tag offers read distances of 15’ using an enterprise reader or a Motorola 9190 handheld reader. The tag is the first in a line of low cost RFID tags that offers multi-surface use in a thin package.

The EMX-1 RFID tag is available with Vizinex’s full Service Bureau for maximum labeling, encoding and locking options.

Industries & Applications

Sample EMX-1 RFID Tag Applications
  • IT assets
  • Laptops
  • Office Assets
Industries Using the EMX-1
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Academia

Features & Benefits

  • High performance, acrylic adhesive
  • Low profile, small footprint: 2.76” x 0.68” x 0.072”
  • Additional data storage: 96-bit EPC memory plus 512-bit user memory
  • Low cost option for less demanding, indoor environments
  • Typical read distance of 15’ on plastic, metal – imbedded plastic or metal surfaces

EMX-1 Specifications

  • 70mm X 17mm X 1.8mm (2.76” x 0.68” x 0.072”)
  • Use Case: Indoor; Plastic or metal surfaces
  • Attachment: Acrylic adhesive suitable for multi-surfaces
  • Weight: 2 grams
  • Typical Read Range: 15 feet at 36 dBm ERP
  • Frequency: 902-928 MHz
  • IC Platform: Alien Higgs EC
  • IC Memory: 96 bit EPC, 512-bit user memory
  • Classification: IP68
  • Operating Temperature: -50°C to +85°C (-58°F to +185°F)
Part Number
  • AST1-082-0001

About the Sentry Platform

Vizinex RFID’s Sentry™ line of high performance, cost-effective, and application-specific RFID tags are based on a printed circuit board platform. This well-established manufacturing process offers unsurpassed reliability and consistency in read range performance. At the core of the tag is a fiber-reinforced composite material that gives the Sentry its innate ruggedness. The innovative, patented tag design enables fast prototyping and affordable customization – essential to the expanding requirements of the RFID industry.