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Vizinex RFID Leads Industry in Upgrading Products with Impinj Chip

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance RFID tags tailored to specific applications, recently enhanced the performance of its Sentry line of tags with the newest Impinj chip, the m750.  The new RFID integrated circuit delivers better RF performance and longer read range for tags into which it is engineered.

“To be a leader in a technology industry, you need to move quickly to incorporate the latest innovations into your products, so Vizinex is the first tag producer to incorporate this new generation of chips across its full product line,” says Ken Horton, CEO and Co-Founder, Vizinex RFID. “The changes were made with no impact to form factor or the price of our tags.  Our customers just get an immediate benefit of better RFID performance with no impact on their costs or how they deploy the tags. Vizinex is committed to advancing the technology of RFID and making product changes quickly, so that our customers are the first to reap the benefits of the newest developments.  Their RFID investment yields better payback more quickly.”

Vizinex’s Sentry line of high-performance, cost-effective and application-specific tags is based on a printed circuit board platform. The well-established manufacturing process offers reliability and consistency in read-range performance. At the core of the tag is a fiber-reinforced composite material that provides ruggedness. The innovative, patented tag design enables fast prototyping and affordable customization, which is essential to the expanding requirements of the RFID industry.

Vizinex provides RFID technology to industries such as automotive, aerospace, rental, oil and gas, asset management, yard management, medical devices, data centers and manufacturing.


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