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Vizinex RFID Releases Sentry Midrange II for Tracking Larger Metal Assets

The Sentry Midrange II is a quantum leap in the performance and cost of one of Vizinex’s most widely used RFID tags for large metal assets.

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance RFID tags tailored to specific applications, recently launched the Sentry Midrange II tags, the second generation of the company’s highly successful tag for tracking larger metal assets. With a read range of 25 feet when mounted on metal, the Sentry Midrange II allows for tagging a variety of assets, including reusable containers, oil field assets and construction equipment.

The Sentry Midrange II is 30 percent smaller (footprint is 39mm x 17mm) than its predecessor, but it provides a broader frequency response at a price that is 25 percent lower. The tag’s optional cover provides extra protection for the RF device and the flexibility to use bolts, rivets or zip-ties for attachment. The tag is made in the U.S.A.

Industries that use this type of RFID tag include government/military, manufacturing, waste management, rental equipment, and oil and gas. Applications for the tag include placement on special transport items/reusable containers, logistics/yard management, and tool and die tracking.

“Improvements in RF chip design and Vizinex’s expertise at matching the new chips to highly efficient antennae, is improving the performance and reducing the cost of RFID,” says Bob Oberle, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Vizinex RFID. “The rugged Sentry Midrange II is tolerant of repeated exposure to high temperatures, vibration and impact.”

Vizinex RFID’s Sentry line of high-performance, cost-effective and application-specific tags is based on a printed circuit board platform. The well-established manufacturing process offers reliability and consistency in read-range performance. At the core of the tag is a fiber-reinforced composite material that provides ruggedness. The innovative, patented tag design enables fast prototyping and affordable customization, which is essential to the expanding requirements of the RFID industry.

For more information about the Sentry Midrange II or custom tags, contact Vizinex at

About Vizinex RFID

Founded in 2012, Vizinex RFID provides unique RFID tagging solutions to a growing range of business and government users. Vizinex is a technological leader that includes experts in manufacturing, quality, engineering and product development, and its engineering team has more than 20 years of RFID design experience. The company’s CTO, Bob Oberle, is the named inventor on 26 patents related to RFID. Since its inception, Vizinex RFID has designed a rapid, low cost development and pilot production process for customers seeking exactly the right tag for their application. Visit or follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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