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Second Generation Sentry Cable II Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag from Vizinex RFID has Improved Chip Design, Lower Cost

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high performance radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for specific applications and industries, is pleased to announce its launch of the second generation of its highly successful tag for cable assemblies, the Sentry Cable II.

“A number of companies that use large, expensive cable assemblies in industries like event management, video production, power generation and construction have the difficult task of tracking and managing miles of cable. The Sentry Cable II makes that job easy and enables quick counting and identification of specific cables, even when cables are piled together,” said Ken Horton, CEO, Vizinex. “This new tag offers a 100% improvement in read range at a price that is 15% lower than the first generation tag.   It will improve the performance and lower the cost of asset management systems that include the tracking of these cable assemblies.”

Like the earlier Cable tag, this new generation is compatible with Vizinex’s line of cable tag holders.   These holders firmly secure the tags to the cable assemblies, and protect the tags from the harsh conditions in which many of these cables are deployed. The holders are available in six sizes to fit cables with diameters from 0.425” up to 1.325”. Like all Sentry-branded products, the tag is built on a robust platform that will tolerate repeated exposures to temperatures up to 185° C, vibration, impact and exposure to many chemicals. The tag boasts an IP rating of 68.

The tag is ideal for a variety of uses cases across industries, such as:

  • Rental equipment
    • Video/movie production
    • Power generation and backup
    • Events production
  • Government/Military

For more information about the Sentry Cable II – or to discuss creating a radio frequency identification tag that fits your unique needs, contact Vizinex at

About Vizinex RFID

With a heritage that reaches back to 2001, Vizinex has nearly two decades of experience providing leading-edge RFID solutions to businesses and governments.  Vizinex RFID is a technological leader with a team of experts in manufacturing, quality, engineering and product development. The company’s CTO, Bob Oberle, is the named inventor on 26 patents related to RFID. Since its inception, Vizinex RFID has designed a rapid, low cost development and pilot production process for customers seeking exactly the right tag for their application.

Whether you need an RFID tag off the shelf or one that is ‘outside the box’, Vizinex RFID can help.

To learn more about Vizinex, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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