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RFID for Weapons Tracking

Weapons tracking is a critical responsibility for the military, security & law enforcement organizations, weapons manufacturers and distributors.

Ineffective weapons tracking systems lead to inaccurate inventory counts, holes in a weapon’s usage history – and even misplaced weapons getting into the wrong hands. RFID solutions help organizations responsible for managing a weapon’s life cycle free up personnel from laborious data-recording tasks while improving the availability and integrity of weapons intelligence.

Why RFID for Weapons Tracking?

By integrating Vizinex RFID technology into their weapons tracking processes, organizations can cost-effectively:

  • Implement paperless check-in and check-out and track usage history
  • Accelerate and improve the accuracy of cycle counts
  • More easily locate specific weapons and identify assets that require upkeep or re-certification
  • Automatically associate issued weapons with personnel and verify the qualifications of the individual to receive the issued weapon

With a durable small-footprint tag like Vizinex’s Sentry 2505 or Shortie 2607, these benefits reliably extend to RFID-enabled weapons that must regularly withstand intense heat and repeated temperature cycles, high pressures, radiation, impacts and extreme weather.

Whether they’re affixed to new weapons about to leave the warehouse or reissued firearms being checked out of the armory, these optimally-sized, mount-on-metal RFID tags can be combined with fixed entry point and mobile RFID readers to deliver a complete weapons management solution.

The result? A cost-effective, easy-to-implement weapons tracking system facilitating streamlined inventory processes, real-time tracking capabilities and a stronger chain of custody to minimize shrinkage and loss.

Considering RFID for tracking your military, security or law enforcement assets? Contact Vizinex RFID today.