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RFID for Rental Asset Tracking

For firms that rent high-value items to their customers, accurate renter and item identification are essential.

In a well-designed RFID system, assets going into or out of the warehouse or staging area pass a portal with fixed antennae or can be quickly scanned by an operator with a handheld reader. This process gathers serial number data for dozens or scores of items in only a few seconds with no manhandling of the assets to attain line of sight. This ensures that the item checked out is the one that is returned – and that the customer receives exactly the item needed to do the job. Software systems are designed to satisfy the requirements of the rental asset marketplace, then automatically port this information into a database that can be used to determine the location of assets in real time.

Why RFID for Rental Assets Management?

RFID-enabled rental asset management systems help firms to:

  • Minimize labor by eliminating the need for asset handling and manual data collection at check-in and check-out
  • Optimize fulfillment cycle time
  • Speed cycle counts
  • Improve accuracy of customer orders and asset–customer associations
  • Gather more accurate location data

Vizinex RFID has worked closely with system integrators and end users in the rental assets market to develop tags and attachment methods that are focused on the needs of customers in this marketplace. The tags must remain attached and last the life of the asset in spite of the rough handling and harsh environmental conditions in which many of these assets are deployed. The tags must also function well in difficult RF environments, with a lot of metal and other materials in close proximity to the tags.

Fortunately, Vizinex and its partners have done the foundational work to develop tags and mounting methods that work well for this market and continue to innovate in response to changing customer needs.

A well-designed RFID asset tracking system can provide an excellent ROI for rental equipment companies, by reducing errors, speeding throughput and eliminating labor costs. There’s no easier, more cost-effective way to accurately track rental assets.

Considering RFID to track your rental assets? We can help. Contact Vizinex RFID today.