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RFID for Healthcare

In a healthcare setting, high-value assets must be sterilized frequently. This presents a conundrum for those tasked with keeping track of those assets: How do you automate a system when equipment must undergo regular autoclave cycles?

Too often, this challenge resulted in the use of error-prone manual practices. No longer. Thanks to Vizinex RFID, it’s possible to utilize highly efficient, accurate RFID-based asset tracking solutions – even for autoclave-sterilized devices.

Why Use RFID For Tracking Autoclaved Medical Devices?

There are numerous benefits to using RFID technology for medical device tracking, positively impacting both operational efficiency and patient safety:

  • Fewer lost or misplaced assets
  • Reduced cycle time with batch processing
  • Improved lifecycle controls
  • Cost savings in both the short and long terms

With the proper tag – like the Sentry Autoclave Tags or a custom solution developed using ViziCore technology – these benefits can be applied to devices that must undergo harsh sterilization practices.

Whether it’s laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, dental instruments or consumables, like joint replacement components, nearly any autoclave-sterilized medical asset can be affixed with a Vizinex RFID tag, essentially creating an on-board tracking system. The low-profile tags – typically attached with high-performance, autoclave-tested acrylic adhesive – offer instant access to critical device information (current location, device age, lifecycle status, sterilization cycles undergone, etc.) when and where it’s needed most.

The result? A constant flow of accurate, actionable data on each and every included medical device – even those that must undergo frequent autoclave sterilization cycles.

Considering RFID for tracking your healthcare assets? Contact Vizinex RFID today.