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RFID for Asset Management

Automating tracking of returnable containers and other high-value assets allows manufacturers to effectively and efficiently track the location of critical parts during each stage of their work process – and to solve numerous supply chain management challenges at the same time.

Today’s most innovative manufacturers are turning to RFID technology to accomplish this task. An RFID-enabled material tracking system allows for automatic, cost-effective tracking of assets (pallets, racks, totes, drums and more), providing real-time data on location, check-in/check-out times, shipping history and more.

Vizinex RFID technology is particularly well-suited to use on returnable containers and other high-value assets. All of our tags – both off-the-shelf and custom-built – are rugged enough for long-term use in nearly any environment, and we specialize in matching the right RFID tag to the right application. Regardless of your specifications, we can help you deploy an RFID asset management system that saves you time, money and hassle.

Why Use An RFID Asset Management System?

RFID technology eliminates the myriad issues that come with manual container tracking. Indexing check-in/check-out by hand is error-prone – miss (or misplace) a single asset, and it’s likely gone forever – at great expense to the manufacturer. Barcode-based tracking systems are only slightly better; the manual element (and its potential for error) still remains, resulting in lost containers – and wasted time and money.

Vizinex RFID technology, however, automates the process – in a professionally deployed system, the tags and readers essentially do all the work, providing users with only the information they need, when they need it. This is best accomplished via careful planning and consultation with industry experts to determine – among other factors – proper tag selection, attachment and placement, portal placement and information workflows.

In addition, Vizinex RFID asset managment and tracking systems are typically compatible with legacy databases and asset management applications. There’s no need to re-write serial numbers or change identifiers; RFID solutions are more than capable of handling global returnable asset identifiers (GRAIs), serial shipping container codes (SSCCs), or whatever you’re currently using.

Considering RFID for tracking your returnable containers and other high-value assets? Contact Vizinex RFID today.