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RFID for Aerospace

Few sectors require accurate, timely data more than the aerospace industry.

Aircraft are inspected and repaired according to strict schedules; knowing that critical maintenance actually occurred is absolutely critical. Likewise, it is important to keep track of the (often specialized and expensive) tools used in aircraft maintenance.

Accountability is equally important in the production of aircraft components. With increased reliance on high-strength composite materials and the tight process controls required to ensure component performance, it is more important than ever to monitor and track parts through their production processes to confirm they have undergone all of the necessary process steps – and that those steps conformed to quality standards.

That’s quite a bit of asset tracking. And performing any of it using manual processes is labor-intensive, time-consuming and subject to human error – none of which are acceptable in the aerospace industry.

The answer? Automated aerospace asset tracking, using Vizinex RFID technology.

Why Use RFID for Aerospace Asset Tracking?

Vizinex RFID technology gives aerospace manufacturers and airlines real-time visibility into the status of repairs and production, as well as the location of critical assets. When used in conformance with business rules and custom workflows, this data provides unique insights for aerospace firms, helping them unlock untapped potential and ensure the efficacy and efficiency of their processes.

Aerospace RFID Case Study

An airfoil manufacturer recently contacted Vizinex RFID needing to track products through the autoclave process that is used to cure the airfoils’ carbon fiber structure. High temperatures (above 170° C) and pressures of 100-150 PSI are required to ensure thorough cure and property density of the airfoil structure. This meant that the RFID tag chosen to provide a high-durability permanent identifier for the part needed to be rugged enough to withstand such an extreme environment, while continuing to provide exceptional read range.

Vizinex and the manufacturer ultimately chose to deploy the Sentry Stlim, a mount-on-metal RFID tag with a small footprint and exceptional tolerance for high temperatures and pressure. In addition, Sentry Slim tags were attached to forming tools used in the process, automating their maintenance schedule and location tracking.

As a result, the manufacturer now enjoys fully automated tracking of both its airfoils and associated forming tools throughout production. This has reduced identification errors by a significant margin, reducing waste, saving countless hours of staff time and driving new efficiency within the manufacturing process.

Considering RFID to track your rental assets? We can help. Contact Vizinex RFID today.