Custom RFID Solutions

Vizinex offers custom RFID tags where and how you need them.

When radio frequency identification is mission-critical and a standard tag doesn’t satisfy your requirements, Vizinex’s custom RFID development process can deliver a perfect match.

Off-the-shelf RFID solutions don’t have to be expensive or complex. Vizinex’s engineers are experienced problem solvers and the ViziCore platform allows for quick, nimble, affordable development of application-specific RFID devices.

Don’t compromise. Get a custom RFID solution.

Vizinex looks at the actual application and develops a product that meets all requirements spec for spec, delivering a fully engineered solution.

Custom RFID Tags Designed to Work – Every Time

For high-value, mission-critical assets, you need a management system that functions reliably. An off-the-shelf tag may provide okay performance, but with a custom-engineered solution from Vizinex, you get exactly the performance you need, consistently.

Protecting Your Brand

Device manufacturers invest heavily in industrial design to ensure the appeal and user friendliness of their products. Why compromise the investment by adding an off-the-shelf RFID tag with another firm’s logo onto the products? With a purpose-built tag from Vizinex, the RFID solution is completely integrated into and compatible with the product’s design.

ViziCore Custom RFID Platform

The ViziCore RFID platform is what enables Vizinex’s engineers to develop application-specific tags quickly and inexpensively. The underlying platform is intrinsically tough and uses a material set that is already certified as compatible for use in demanding markets including medical devices and aerospace.

Critical attributes such as shape, dimensions, frequency response and environmental tolerance are tailored to suit the specifics of the application. The tags are then manufactured using standard, proven processes which require no expensive tooling or programming.

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