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Worldwide Compatible RFID Tag

The Sentry Worldwide is a patent pending, mount-on-metal asset tag that is functional across the worldwide UHF frequency band of 860-960 MHz.

Developed in cooperation with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Vizinex is the first to deliver a true, global mount-on-metal tag with a footprint small enough for use on IT Assets.  It exceeds the FSTC performance guidelines in the North American, European and Japanese frequency bands making it ideal for source tagging of the OEM’s IT equipment. As a mount on metal solution, the Sentry Worldwide can be used for tracking many metal assets, such as tools, metal containers or equipment.

Sun Microsystems plans to attach the Worldwide RFID tag to its products to help customers track their IT assets and comply with regional legal requirements. A large number of Sun customers are global and therefore require global solutions to run their businesses. A Sun customer in the financial services industry reported a 30% improvement in accuracy and a 60x reduction in time spent tracking assets after moving from bar-code to RFID.

The need for a worldwide tag stems from doing business in a global economy.  Today’s RFID asset tags are tuned for a specific region of the world, putting a global RFID asset tracking solution out of reach. The need for a worldwide tag is well justified as seen by the current global and volatile economies.  More than ever, we seek greater efficiency and less human error.   Additionally, customers are increasing their tracking and data collection requirements – either by choice or by government regulation.  OEM’s supply product to and from countries around the world.

Given these market, industry and operational dynamics, Vizinex’s Sentry Worldwide is poised to improve the OEM’s internal supply chain management and meet customer demand for source tagging of IT assets. The Sentry Worldwide can accomplish this regardless of the country in which the equipment is manufactured, distributed or sold.  Further, as corporate operations are merged or expanded, the equipment and other assets therein must be reallocated and transferred to different facilities, even different countries. As for the end users, they also have stringent demands. They seek an automated and reliable solution to authenticate and track their equipment for repair, warranty and data collection.

Used internally to reduce supply chain costs or as a feature benefit for end customers, the Sentry Worldwide is currently the only tag of its kind that functions across the frequency bands of countries around the world.

Vizinex RFID is featured in this white paper published by Oracle. It details the process Oracle underwent to begin using the Sentry Worldwide on every Oracle hardware product. This paper also explains how RFID technology works, how best to us the Sentry Worldwide from Vizinex, and how to improve your IT asset management using RFID tags.

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID.

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