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Case Studies

Vizinex RFID and Barcodes, Inc. Team Up to Deliver Custom RFID Solution in Under a Month

Barcodes Inc. is a leading provider of barcode, mobile computing and RFID solutions. Based out of Chicago, IL, they have a rock-solid reputation as a dedicated, reliable and customer-focused company with almost three decades of experience in field mobility, inventory and point-of-sale.


An electrical contractor working on a project for a state DoT reached out to Barcodes Inc. looking for a solution to an RFID requirement called out in his project’s contract. The requirement was for the electrical conduits enclosing the cabling on a new bridge had to be labeled with a very specific marking, and the label had to include an RFID tag that would read at 30 feet with a handheld reader. The contractor had fulfilled all of the requirements for the bridge contract, except for the labeling. There was just one problem: the contractor knew very little about RFID.

The contractor was stuck, and the project deadline was fast approaching. He had a month to get the labels/tags in place. If the project was not complete by the deadline, he would have to pay late penalties. Searching for help, he contacted Barcodes Inc. Barcodes Inc. had a long-standing relationship with Vizinex and knew that their expertise was a good fit for this problem. The requirements were unique, and the timeline was very short, but Vizinex took on the challenge. They would have to design and deliver a custom, fully engineered solution in the quantities required by the customer in three to four weeks.


The contractor had relayed some detailed drawings for the RFID tag/label which he’d received as part of the project specifications. These provided the basic dimensional and material requirements, but the details of design and construction were left to the RFID experts. Vizinex engineers were confident they could design and complete the project in time. So, they went to work, creating a tag with the features and performance called out in the specification. Vizinex did not have the expertise needed to satisfy the human readable portion of the labeling problem, but Barcodes Inc. has plenty of experience in this area, and they developed a solution that would work for the customer.


Vizinex’s RFID tag design combined with Barcodes, Inc’s labeling solution delivered on all fronts. The new tag was made with the right material and met read range and durability requirements, while having the right human readable labels. Vizinex was able to ship production quantities of the tags to the contractor in time to meet the deadline. With the help of Vizinex, Barcodes Inc. was able to provide the contractor exactly what was needed to complete the contract on time and to the specification.

If you have a challenging application and just can’t find a solution that’s quite right, contact us today and find out what Vizinex RFID can do for you.

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