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Streamlining Data Center Asset Tracking With RFID Technology

Driven by increasing demand for data bandwidth and “cloud” software solutions, the size and number of data centers (as well as the amount of computing equipment they contain) is on the rise across the globe.

This shifting dynamic has created a challenge industry-wide: Tracking these assets is growing increasingly complex, especially in circumstances when configuration information must be matched with each piece of equipment. Considering that frequent addition/retirement/movement of equipment is a way of life in data centers (and that physical security is of paramount importance), the ability to electronically track individual computing assets is tremendously valuable.

To address this need, Methode Electronics and Vizinex RFID have collaborated on a next-generation Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system, which utilizes read/write RFID tags to provide effective and efficient asset tracking and asset location information.

In the Methode DCIM system, reader antennae mounted in the server racks read and write to passive RFID tags permanently attached to servers, network switches and other electronic assets. This allows the data center manager to view each asset by RU position in the cabinet, as well as by location on the data center floor. In addition, the read/write capabilities of the tags allow managers to “push” information to the asset tag for later read-back and confirmation.

This results in easy, electronic tracking and management of asset additions, movements or modifications, as well as enhanced security due to real-time event recognition.

How Does the Methode DCIM System Work?

In the Methode DCIM system, thin, high-performance mount-on-metal HF RFID tags are mounted on the side of assets. Each tag is specifically associated with the individual asset and its corresponding commercial and technical details.

Meanwhile, small HF antennae mounted in the rack structure are able to identify assets (and their positions) with constant real-time reads. Assets that are removed are immediately identified. Relocation to new rack positions can be coordinated and tracked. Additional UHF tags can be added to assets to track asset movement thoughout the facility via fixed portals and hand held readers.

Unique System Design. Unique Benefits.

The Methode DCIM system combines Vizinex’s passive RFID tags with in-rack read/write capability. This creates a number of benefits for users:

  • Reduced cost, due to passive RFID tags being significantly less expensive than active models
  • Real-time asset information and positioning
  • Zero tag maintenance needs (passive RFID tags don’t need batteries)
  • Readers Utilize existing DCIM System Power

Once installed, the DCIM system runs seamlessly, and eliminates concerns regarding lost asset information. It combines real-time asset information with the reliable, low cost, maintenance-free capabilities of passive RFID.

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID.

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