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Strategic Systems and Technology Corporation Finds Durable Partner in Vizinex

When Atlanta-based Strategic Systems and Technology Corporation was looking for a company capable of making RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that could quite literally stand the heat, they turned to Vizinex RFID.

The company, which specializes in barcoding and RFID solutions, needed tags with very specific requirements for a customer that manufactures small plastic parts in very high volumes using injection molding. The molds are constantly moved around the manufacturing plant and sometimes need to be sent out for repairs, and they’re very expensive assets. Knowing where each of them is at any given time is crucial. “An injection molding die can cost $10,000 to $100,000 or more and they get extremely hot when they’re being used,” said Rick Bissionnette, president and founder of Strategic Systems and Technology Corporation. “We needed a tag that could survive that harsh, industrial environment and still be reliable.” Fortunately for Strategic Systems, Vizinex RFID had decades of experience designing and building durable RFID tag solutions to withstand the most demanding environments.

‘Every Mold and Die Has a Vizinex Tag on It’

Vizinex recommended a tag that could be mounted in a cavity on the outside of the mold. This would protect the tag from the harsh demands placed on the molds during their use in production. This particular tag also had sufficient read range, so material handling personnel would be able to quickly and easily locate individual molds from a distance. This is a huge improvement over trying to visually identify individual molds.

Before deciding to go with Vizinex, however, Bissionnette visited the company’s facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania to meet with company executives and see the operation for himself.

“After the visit, I was confident Vizinex had the technical and production know-how needed to supply the product. Then, once we tested the tags and they worked as advertised, we went with it,” said Bissionnette. “Now every mold and die that we install with asset tracking has a Vizinex tag on it.”

Vizinex has been supplying the RFID tags that Strategic Systems provides to this particular plastic injection molding manufacturer for nearly six years, and they’ve expanded the relationship to include tags for a number of additional Strategic Systems products and solutions.

For example, not only are the durable manufacturing tags a big seller for Strategic Systems in the U.S., but also in European markets. But because the standards are different, Vizinex custom developed tags specifically for their European opportunities.

“I have access to everyone from the senior engineer to the president of the company and that makes a big difference,” said Bissionnette.

From Medical Devices to Data Centers

Strategic Systems was so pleased with Vizinex’s products, performance and customer support during the initial engagement that they turned to them when other especially difficult RFID challenges presented themselves.

Vizinex now supplies standard RFID tags that Strategic Systems sells to customers who want to track medical devices as they go through the autoclave, or sterilization process, as well as tags for data center devices.

For one Strategic Systems customer in particular, Vizinex generates tags in pairs with identical information. The use case? The customer wanted to ensure a tray containing a medical device kit is always properly read as it goes through the autoclave process, so two tags are affixed — one on each side of the kit — so it can be read no matter which way it goes through the process.

Data centers have also become a major customer for Strategic Solutions and Technology Corporation. Vizinex has considerable experience tagging data center devices, both in the aftermarket and working with device OEM’s, and was able to apply this experience to aid Strategic Systems in specifying the right tag for the data center customers with whom they worked.

With Vizinex’s RFID tags, the periodic inventory process that once took several people weeks to complete has been greatly simplified. Now one individual with an RFID reader can do a complete inventory of the data center in just a few hours.

The Best Possible RFID Support

Regardless of whether it is creating a durable, embedded tag that can withstand extreme industrial conditions or standard tags for asset tracking, Vizinex consistently meets deadlines and delivers helpful customer service, according to Bissionnette.

Vizinex’s location is a big plus for Strategic Systems. “They’re a U.S. company and a lot of our customers like that fact,” Bissionnette said.

Over the years, working as a reseller with Vizinex has paid off very nicely for both companies.

“I’d say we’ve probably sold at least a quarter of a million, if not more, of their tags since we started to do business,” Bissionnette said. “They make great products.”

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID.

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