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Simplify Power Generation Rental Asset Management With RFID Technology

In the power generation rental industry, few tasks are more arduous – or critical – than asset management.

From preshipment staging and check-in/check-out to inventory management, maintenance tracking and locating critical assets, accurate data is absolutely essential – but this has traditionally proved difficult to obtain.

Not anymore. Introducing power generation rental RFID solutions from Vizinex – the world leader in highperformance RFID systems designed to efficiently address the needs of even the most challenging industries and applications. With Vizinex, power generation rental firms can streamline and simplify every stage of the asset management process for cables, load cells, generators, transformers and more.

How Does RFID Work?

In Vizinex RFID solutions, rugged performance tags are permanently attached to rental equipment via screws, rivets, adhesive, epoxy or zip ties. Each tag is pre-programmed with a customizable “license plate” and linked via software to a database with information about the asset – identification, date of manufacture, rotation count, post-rental test verification, etc.

Every time the asset is scanned by a portable or static RFID reader, its location and other critical data is noted and saved. This allows for efficient location of “lost” assets, instant equipment identification, automatic BOM verification and more. And because Vizinex specializes in highly configured RFID solutions, your system will be tailored to your exact business needs!

Benefits of RFID for Power Generation Rental Firms

  • Increase efficiency at every stage of the asset management process
  • Improve accuracy of equipment data
  • Reduce the need for excess inventory
  • Quickly locate “missing” rental assets
  • Scan multiple items at once, with or without a line of sight

Featured Product: Allied VX-Mid RFID Tag

Designed with the industrial user in mind, the Allied VX-Mid is a mount-on-metal solution featuring a compact, rugged design, a 25-plus foot read range and a 10-year life expectancy.

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID. Click here to download this case study as a PDF. 

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