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Case Studies

Meeting the Needs of a Leading Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier

After several failed attempts with other RFID tag suppliers, a leading oil & gas equipment/solutions provider approached Vizinex to develop a passive UHF tag that could be press-fit into metal drilling tools and equipment.

The Challenge

Design a tag to survive 1,000 hours underground where the pressure can reach 30,000 PSI, temperatures climb to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and corrosive chemicals are common.

The Vizinex Solution

After thoroughly reviewing and understanding the deployment process with our customer, Vizinex engineers focused on developing a manufacturing method and identifying a material set specifically chosen to withstand the rigors seen in the oil and gas industry to meet the RF performance needs of the application.

The Result

A highly durable RFID core which survives our encapsulating process without any degradation in RF performance. Vizinex produce a rugged tag perfect for assets exposed to extreme environments.

The customer put the design through a rigorous, multi-month qualification process to ensure the design survived the trauma of the bore hole environment. During this qualification process, 100% of the tags survived and performed to the specification. The project has now gone into full production status and tags are shipping from our Allentown, Pa., production facility.

The resulting manufacturing process and material set can now be utilized to develop tags with different RF performance or other form factors to solve a variety of other RFID problems in demanding environments.

If you have a challenging RFID tag application, contact us today and realize the benefits of Vizinex RFID.

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