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Case Studies

Data Center Management Company Finds Security in Vizinex RFID


When Pennsylvania-based Asset Vue, LLC wanted to help their prospects and clients with data center asset management and asset management lifecycle, they originally considered building an entire RFID service company themselves. Then they found Vizinex.

Asset Vue’s customers are typically larger organizations or enterprises that need to track valuable IT assets. They knew RFID solutions were going to be critical to serving their customers better, but they quickly realized how complex tag technology could be.

While Asset Vue owns the application and subject matter expertise in the data center, they needed a partner with the technical expertise to deliver tags that could mount on metal, relay information quickly and accurately and solve unique challenges.

“When we found Vizinex we realized we really didn’t need to reinvent the wheel,” said Sean Cotter, one of Asset Vue’s founding partners. “With the right partner, we were better positioned to deliver custom solutions to our clients.”

Why RFID: A Costly Lesson

Deciding RFID was the way to go was easy for Asset Vue. Gary Aron, Asset Vue’s other founding partner, spent years running data centers for large corporations. He saw first-hand how much time and money is lost or wasted on poorly managed assets.

While working on a new facility project at one of the biggest communications companies in America, Aron discovered they had millions of dollars’ worth of technology in inventory that wasn’t being used at all. RFID was an available technology but at the time too costly to justify.  Asset Vue saw this as an opportunity to provide a more cost-effective RFID solution.

“Companies waste more time and money than you could imagine just trying to track down misplaced equipment. Or repurchasing assets they don’t need. RFID made asset management so much more efficient, and helped the company make better use of its resources,” said Aron.

Due to Aron and Cotter’s backgrounds as executives of fortune 100 firms and running regional technology companies respectively, they understood the value that an automated asset management solution could provide and that the technology available at the time was not affordable. So, they needed a partner that was innovative in the way they approached problem-solving and had the experience to develop products that would work in the unique data center market. Aron and Cotter set out to find a compatible RFID solution and, with the help of an Angel group, began their relationship with Vizinex.

Ensuring Efficiency

Aron and Cotter decided to start slow and initially implemented RFID solutions, using Vizinex tags, for just a few small customers in Eastern PA and Delaware Valley. Their top clients, however, were in the finance and technology fields and it wasn’t long before they realized these global companies had a much more immediate need for asset tracking via RFID.

“Global companies require the accuracy and efficiency of getting information through a secure database. Combine that with the reliability of Vizinex’s RFID tag solutions and we are able to provide our clients with uncompromised peace of mind,” said Cotter.

Within another year, they had sold their first large-scale RFID deployment which included 50,000 Vizinex tags.

Each client and each industry have a different use case for RFID, so Asset Vue offers their and Vizinex’s solutions in several different ways. For the bigger jobs, they’ve had the best results providing a turnkey RFID solution. For others, Asset Vue provides readers and scanners plus step-by-step consulting services and links them up with Vizinex directly so internal IT teams can deploy a full RFID solution themselves.

“In our field, one size rarely fits all,” said Aron. “Vizinex has been able to create customized solutions for our clients while adapting to the changes we’ve made to our business through the years. Their flexibility is invaluable.”

A Lasting Partnership

In the data center and IT sector, people need quick results and accurate information. Asset Vue’s job is to make that possible by marrying the right solutions and having partners that stay involved.

Vizinex’s ability to build a configurable application that gives customers exactly what they need – and adapting when something changes – has resulted in what is sure to be a successful, long-standing partnership.

“Having a partner that values your success as much as their own and brings you opportunities is the key to a lasting partnership,” said Aron. “Not only has Vizinex helped us continuously grow our client base, but they’ve helped make us better, more knowledgeable solution providers along the way.”

Download the full case study here.

If you have a challenging application and just can’t find a solution that’s quite right, contact us today and find out what Vizinex RFID can do for you.

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