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How Can I Make My RFID More Secure?

One of the most overlooked properties of RFID asset tagging is the security of the data on the tag.

The benefits of tagging for inventory control are well known and compelling—the return on investment for installation alone is often realized through labor savings and inventory rationalization in less than a year. However, now that the use of RFID tags is so widespread, top notch security is more important than ever.

UHF Gen2 tags can have data secured in several ways.

#1 Permanently Locked Tag Data

Completely locking the tag data certainly insures data security. However the data record cannot be updated, limiting the utility of the tag for applications that require tracking movement over time or for complex interactions between multiple assets (as in a hospital setting).

#2 Single-Source Password Protection

A popular option is to secure the data with a password which allows the tag to be re-written as required. Password protection offers flexibility in the asset tagging application, however the overall system design must be approached with care. Securing all the tags in a set with a single password is only safe as long as the password cannot be guessed or is not compromised.

#3 Multi-Point Password Protection

Vizinex offers a pioneering variable data security system in which each tag password is individual and unique. This multi-point protection limits the potential impact of a compromised password to a single tag rather than the entire system. Vizinex fully validates the password manifest, delivers it concurrently with the product shipment, and maintains a back-up data storage facility for all tags, passwords and test results.

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