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UHF Wristbands

George W. Bush wearing UHF Wristband after Hurricane Gustav

George W. Bush wearing UHF Wristband after Hurricane Gustav

During a natural disaster or other emergency evacuation, tracking individuals is vital for public safety officials. Manual systems involving key-punched or bar code based data entry are subject to many sources of error during the chaos associated with evacuations.

Radiant RFID, an Austin, TX based system integrator developed a software system for accurately tracking evacuees. However, they needed a method for ensuring accurate data capture in the field. Together, Vizinex and Radiant developed a highly reliable UHF wristband, which utilizes multiple inlays to ensure very high read reliability regardless of band orientation or subject body type. Vizinex uses a unique process to manufacture these bands, which have both RFID inlays and unique bar codes. As part of the Vizinex manufacturing process, a file is created which associates each RFID device with its bar code.

This information, combined with Radiant’s highly effective software system and portal setup has resulted in highly accurate and speedy tracking of evacuees. This system greatly out performs prior systems involving manual or bar code based data collection.

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