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Tracking Tissue samples in the lab

iStock_000004242389SmallA venture capital backed startup firm developed an automated system for testing the viability of ovum in fertility clinics. The ovum is placed on a specially designed sample tray, which is then inserted into the analytical device. The firm came to Vizinex to develop a highly reliable RFID label, that could be placed in the very small footprint of the sample tray. In addition, the firm asked Vizinex to design a reader antenna, that could be built into the instrument and read the tag ID when the tray was inserted for analysis. Finally, the customer requested that tags be initialized with data and that a human readable piece of the data printed on the RFID label.

The field trials of the system have been successful, and the customer is rolling out the product in markets outside North America. They are striving for FDA approval and a US launch of the product before the end of 2010.