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Tracking Fleet Vehicles with RFID

car-wash-windshield-rfid-tagA major supplier of car wash systems wished to offer fleet customers; police departments, municipalities, service companies and rental car companies, a way to track their car wash expense. The existing systems, usually a debit card system, were too easily abused, and the washes were not logged to a specific vehicle or user.

To solve these problems, Vizinex developed a windshield tag that could be detected by a reader built into the car wash system. As the car passes through the wash, it is logged and the customer is automatically billed for a wash of that specific vehicle. The tag’s unique design prevents it from being removed and used for another car, because the Vizinex Secure feature will cause the tag to malfunction if it is removed from the vehicle in which it was originally installed. In addition, the customer wished to have a dual label system, one for the auto (equipped with an RFID inlay) and one for the file (with only the bar code and human readable information). This allowed the car washes to create paper files tied, one for one, with the RFID tags.

Vizinex’s windshield tag can be used for this purpose, but, also, for parking lots, fleet management and inventory, and security. Any application where detecting the identity of a vehicle at a distance, without action by the driver, is required.