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Tracking Assets in a Worldwide setting

laptops-with-rcd-tagsThe world has accepted a standard for UHF RFID devices, and they must function in the frequency range of 860 to 960Mhz. Unfortunately, regions of the world have selected different frequencies within this band for their regional standards. In North America, the band is 902-926 Mhz, in the EU it is 860 to 865 Mhz and in Japan the implemented frequencies are 955-960 Mhz. Virtually all RFID tags function in only one of these geographies, but do not show up to readers that function in the other geographies.

This represents a significant logistical problem for manufacturers that ship RFID enabled products to the entire world from their factories. They have different tags for different geographies, different bills of material and different inventories of tags to control. One such manufacturer came to Vizinex to design a ‘worldwide’ asset tag that would have satisfactory performance in all three geographies. This would greatly simplify the manufacturing and distribution problem associated with enabling their products with RFID.

Within a short period, Vizinex had developed a tag that met the performance requirements across the globe, in a geometry and form factor that could be seamlessly integrated into the design of the finished product. The customer would be able to ship product to any warehouse, and that warehouse could ship product anywhere in the world, without concern about ‘geography specific’ configuration.