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Small Form Factor Tags for IT Equipment and other Assets

Small RFID tags for tracking IT assets

Our Sentry family of UHF asset tracking tags has been designed to track and identify IT Assets and are particularly beneficial for use in Data Centers.  All of the patent-pending products in this family of tags conform to the FSTC performance guidelines for Data Center Asset Tracking.  The Sentry-M and Sentry-M Slim are tags intended for attachment directly to metal assets, such as blade servers and racks, and provide the longest read distances for metal assets.  The Sentry tag is an excellent all-surface RFID tag for environments with a mixture of surfaces.

The most recent addition to the Sentry family is the worldwide Sentry-M.  This innovative product is the first true Global mount on metal tag for IT Assets.  It conforms to the FSTC performance guidelines in the North American, European and Japanese frequency bands making it ideal for source tagging of IT equipment by the OEM.

Sentry-AST Ultra Slim
Sentry-AST Slim
Sentry-AST Metal
Sentry-AST Worldwide
Sentry-AST Multisurface
Sentry-AST Duo