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Sentry-AST High Temperature RFID Tag

Vizinex Launches Sentry-AST High Temperature RFID Tag

RFID is relatively simple, but it isn’t always easy.   Take the healthcare industry, for example.  The RFID applications are plentiful, but the requirements are becoming increasingly demanding.  So when customers came knocking, for an autoclave tag that could handle the heat and chemistry of multiple sterilization cycles, Vizinex answered.

Vizinex RFID is uniquely positioned to address the complex requirements of a variety of healthcare applications.  Rapidly developing, highly tolerant, reliable, hi-performance RFID tags, tailored for demanding applications, is Vizinex’s field of expertise. Vizinex’s area of differentiation is rooted in exploring and developing highly tolerant, reliable and performance- driven tags.

Autoclave presents a very harsh environment and it is not an area where many RFID developers dare to go.  The temperature of an autoclave cycle can be between 230 and almost 300° F. These temperatures are enough to threaten the viability of most tags.  Additionally, customers expect autoclave tags to last through numerous cycles.  If the heat does not destroy the ordinary tag, the cycles will.

Vizinex’s Sentry- AST HT tag is specifically designed for superior performance when attached to metal assets that are placed into the harsh chemicals and temperatures of an autoclave machine. The tag can withstand numerous autoclave cycles without affecting the 10 foot read range with a fixed reader. To meet the autoclave heat and cycle requirements Vizinex designed a unique tag.  Built on an aerospace certified substrate, the RFID component and its interconnects with the antenna are encapsulated with temperature and chemical tolerant materials.

But don’t ask Vizinex, ask ODIN Technologies who has recently tested our Sentry-HT tags for use in the hospital environment.  As reported by ODIN in their blog, “Vizinex has run these tags through hundreds of cycles of autoclave simulations at temperatures up to 300° F.  With our guidance, one of our healthcare clients has tested these RFID tags to stringent FDA standards for autoclave and chemical bath sterilization processes with no discernible performance degradation.  This is remarkable considering how relatively new the concept of metal mount tags is, and then adding the autoclave requirement on top of it. “

Every element of the Sentry-HT was selected to withstand the high temperature, pressure, and chemicals of the sterilization processes.  The Sentry-HT, has already proven to be a durable and highly capable tag, thriving throughout various third-party testing scenarios.

Download Sentry-AST High Temperature datasheet.