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Emergency Evacuation/Venue Access Applications

RFID Wristband Image

RFID Wristband

WRB1-009-00000xx/ RFID Wristbands

  • Better than 99% read rates through a portal
  • Orientation insensitivity means no throughput loss for positioning the RFID wristband to be read
  • Custom graphics
  • Excellent durability for extended wear life

Developed in partnership with Radiant RFID to provide the high read reliability required for emergency evacuation applications, Vizinex’s UHF wristband contains 2 IC’s in association with a printed bar code. The multiple inlay approach provides orientation insensitivity so that >99% read rates are achieved upon walking through a portal at a normal pace.

This RFID wristband has an adhesive closure and is constructed specifically to provide an extended wear-life of weeks, rather than days. In addition to the printed bar code, custom graphics are also available.